Succeeding in the Gig Economy

Meet gig expert Diane Mulcahy.

“Many of our schools are preparing their students for a labor market that is increasingly nonexistent. With The Gig Economy, Diane Mulcahy fills this critical gap and provides all of us with a set of tools and a mindset for a more productive and pleasurable work life. A must-read for anyone trying to make their way in the “new order.”

Professor Leonard Schlesinger, Harvard Business School

Meet gig expert Diane Mulcahy

The Ivy Circle and the Harvard Club of the Netherlands are delighted to welcome gig economy expert, lecturer and author, Diane Mulcahy, as keynote speaker at the 5th Annual Ivy Circle Young Leaders Roundtable. Diane, a Harvard alumna, advises Fortune 500 companies and speaks at universities and on high-profile TV programs about the future of work. Her informative presentations, rooted in her best-selling book, The Gig Economy, provide audiences at all levels with a wealth of knowledge and best practices on adapting to the new world of work. Audience members leave with fresh, practical insights and actionable next steps to help them transform their culture (or themselves) to succeed in the Gig Economy.

Get the local perspective from Egon Zehnder

The topic of the gig economy will be introduced by Birgit van Kalleveen, partner at Egon Zehnder. Birgit will share her perspective on the impact of the gig economy on companies and professionals in the Netherlands. Diane Mulcahy will then explain how working in the Gig Economy can offer an attractive, interesting, flexible, and lucrative alternative to the corporate cube. After Diane’s talk, Ivy Circle Chairperson Hollis Kurman will moderate an interactive discussion with Diane as well as with the audience. The evening will close with an informal walking dinner, sponsored by Egon Zehnder. During dinner, you’ll be able to buy Diane’s book (see below!) and have it signed by her.